Who we are


A team of people with decades of experience leading large departments and companies.

Strategic and Tactical

As Contract Review and Negotiation Leader for a fortune 1000 healthcare company specializing in Oncology.


As President and Chief Operating Officer of a company with over 300 support staff and Physicians.

Key Process

As Human Resource and Recruitment leader for small and large companies operating in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas/Reno, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C. and many small cities throughout the mid-west.

Innovation and Implementation of process change

As Plan Designer and Implementation Leader of the successful undertaking of a 12 month process to convert a 12 year old multi-location medical practice with over 300 employees and 50 Physicians to a full point of care Electronic Medical Record.


Efforts recognized in Newt Gingrich’s presentation to the President of the United States on Health care that works.

Process Mapping and Documentation

As Process Leaders in Medical Billing, Insurance Credentialing, Front and Back Office, PBX, Finance, Insurance, Accounting.

Medical Support Process Mapping and Documentation

As Assistants to your team of medical professionals to document your systems as they pertain to Referrals, Care Coordination, Radiology, Medical Assistant, and Back Office flow.